Joe, please report to the principal's office

Rick Osentoski/US Presswire

Joe Girardi expects a fine, not a suspension, for his Thursday outburst.Joe Girardi had a talk with his predecessor, and now MLB's Dean of Discipline, Joe Torre this afternoon regarding his on-field meltdown during the fifth inning of yesterday's game against the Tigers in Detroit.

Girardi would not divulge details of the conversation except to say, "Joe wanted to hear my side of the story.''

It is unknown what disciplinary action will be taken against Girardi for his eye-rolling, neck-veins-bulging display that ended with him firing his cap to the ground and stalking off the field with his arms upraised in imitation of umpire Tim Welke at first calling Andy Dirks' bloop to left-field a foul ball and then quickly reversing himself, an action Girardi contended caused Raul Ibanez to pull up and cost the Yankees a run.

On Thursday, Girardi seemed concerned that he might face a suspension since there was some contact between him and 2B ump Bob Davidson -- initiated by Davidson, Girardi said -- but today he seemed to think the incident would only cost him money, not days.

Asked if he had watched the video of his performance, Girardi said he had not. "I know what I did,'' he said.

Girardi said he did not know if his three preteen kids had seen the video, but told a funny story about the first time he was ejected as the manager of the Florida Marlins in 2006.

"They thought I never got to come back,'' he said. "They thought that was it. They thought I was done. They said, "Daddy you don't get to go back?' I said, 'No, I'll be back tomorrow.'''