Lowe says he is going to pitch well

Derek Lowe said his agent, Scott Boras, had talks with the Red Sox, Orioles, Giants and Phillies before he signed to be a reliever with the Yankees.

Lowe, who will wear No. 34, said he is a different pitcher than the one who had an 8.77 ERA in his final 10 starts before being released by the Indians. Lowe said that after working with his personal guru, Chris Correnti, he will pitch more like the guy who owned a 3.78 ERA in his first 13 starts of the season. He said after tinkering too much, he got out of whack.

"Sometimes it works," Lowe, 39, said. "Sometimes it doesn't."

After working in Fort Myers, Fla., with Correnti, Lowe said he would only come back if he thought he could contribute. He thinks he can.

"I was honest with myself," Lowe said.

Lowe showed that honesty by saying that at the end of his time in Cleveland, his pitches were leaving his hand like "a mashed potato." How about now?

"It is better than a mashed potato," Lowe said.

Lowe, whose 2004 performance was huge in Boston breaking the Curse of the Bambino, said he thought his new hometown fans would cheer for him if he pitches well.