The Translator: Joe Girardi

The Translator is a recurring feature of the blog in which we examine a quote from a Yankee, run it through our state-of-the-art translation software, and try to determine what the speaker really means to say.

Today's edition of The Translator comes from Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who got a bit testy when asked about the possibility of moving the semi-hot Ichiro Suzuki up in his lineup.

Girardi: "Our lineup, it’s not like we’re not scoring runs. I get so many questions about our lineup, you’d think we scored one run a night around here. What did we score yesterday, six? And someone had problems with the lineup yesterday. I’ll probably keep it the same.''

Translation: Don't blame my hitters, blame the pitchers. That's Larry's department.

Footnote: The Yankees did, indeed, score six runs on Thursday. The problem is, the Texas Rangers scored 10. So Girardi has a point, I guess.