Tex expects to start Monday in Chicago

Mark Teixeira was not in the lineup for the third straight game because of his inflamed left wrist, but he said he expects to start Monday in Chicago against the White Sox.

"There is definitely improvement," Teixeira said Sunday. "We just want to give it one more day. Everyone agreed that you could probably push it today. It may feel OK, but it is best to give it one more day."

At the end of last month, Teixeira missed two games and had a cortisone shot to try to dull the lingering pain. He saw improvement, but then the injury regressed. Teixeira, who hasn't swung a bat the last few days, says he will test it in Chicago on Monday in hopes that the pain is completely gone.

"As a power hitter, I need my wrist, I need my hands," Teixeira said. "If it does linger, it is not going to help me out or the team."

Teixeira said he would take infield Sunday.

Teixeira is hitting .257 with 23 homers and a team-leading 78 RBIs.