Pettitte must wait one more day

Andy Pettitte tonight got to do what he has been waiting 11 weeks to do, throw the baseball, although it was not how, where or when he would have preferred.

Because of tonight's rainout, Pettitte's start against the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium, his first since suffering a broken left ankle from a line drive on June 27, was pushed back to the first game of Wednesday's day/night doubleheader, and the only throwing Pettitte got to do was in a game of catch under the stands after the game was cancelled.

"I would have loved to throw today and have no rain. I'm just ready to get out there," Pettitte said. "But we can’t do nothing about it, so you just got to go with the hand you’re dealt."

Like every major league pitcher, Pettitte has had his share of starts pushed back because of rain, but this rainout was particularly unwelcome because now instead of making four regular season starts before the postseason begins, Pettitte will have to make do with three.

"What are you gonna do?" Joe Girardi said. "It’s kind of par for the course for Andy. It seems like this happens a lot to him. It’s not the best thing for him but I'm sure he’ll be able to adjust to it."

Given his choice, Pettitte opted to pitch the first game -- "I'm an early bird," he said -- and David Phelps, removed from the rotation to clear a spot for Pettitte, will make a one-day return to pitch the second game, with Phil Hughes, originally scheduled to pitch Wednesday, now pushed back to Thursday.

Pettitte, who was supposed to face Ricky Romero, will now face RHP Henderson Alvarez (9-12, 4.91). Phelps draws Romero, who after a great start has lost 13 straight decisions and is 8-14 with a 5.87 ERA.