Pettitte throws five scoreless in comeback

For the first time since June 27th, Andy Pettitte returned to the mound. Pettitte threw five scoreless innings against a terrible Toronto Blue Jays lineup in front of a sparse crowd at Yankee Stadium.

Most importantly, Pettitte seemed to leave with his health still in place. His healed left fibula made him run a little gingerly in the third as he tried to cover first, but he didn't seem to have any real difficulties with the leg.

As for his stuff, he threw 75 pitches, 46 were strikes. He allowed four hits, walked two and struck out three.

It was difficult to fully gauge how effective his pitchers were, because there were few Blue Jays who could hurt anyone. They had no one in their lineup hitting better than .278. Besides Brett Lawrie, who had the .278 average coming in, the rest of their batters all were at .241 or worse.

In the second, third and fourth, Pettitte left men on first and third.

After the fourth, Pettitte had thrown 68 pitches, two short of his target number. Still, Joe Girardi and pitching coach Larry Rothschild let him go out for the fifth. The Blue Jays helped him out by going three-up, three-down on seven pitches.

Mike Mazzeo and I will have more on the blog later on. Plus, I will have a post-game column.