Jeter: I want to be a Yankee lifer

After saying that he could envision himself playing for another team, New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter said his desire is to remain in the Bronx his whole career.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

#2 SS
New York Yankees

2012 STATS

  • GM147
  • HR15

  • RBI57

  • R94

  • OBP.367

  • AVG.323

"I think it is comical that we are talking about it after I told you guys time and time again I can't picture myself playing anywhere else," Jeter said.

In a Q&A with ESPN.com's Rick Reilly, Jeter was asked, "Peyton Manning changed teams this season after 14 seasons with the one team. Could you see yourself doing that?"

Jeter responded, "Well, if I wanted to keep playing, yes. It's a business. People forget that.

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