Tex in Toronto? Maybe

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but the Yankees still do not know when Mark Teixeira will return to their lineup. According to Joe Girardi, Tex "did a bunch of work" in Tampa today, including running the bases, although not at full speed.

Still, the manager would not commit to Teixeira rejoining the team on this road trip, citing concerns over the effect the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre could have on Teixeira's strained left calf. After their three games in Minnesota against the Twins beginning tonight, The Yankees head to Toronto for four games this weekend, and last week Girardi had expressed hope Teixeira would play in that series.

“The concern is that you rush him and then he has that one play and then you know that he’s probably gone for the season. You have to make sure," he said. "(The turf) is a little bit trickier. That’s something we have to think about.”

From the sound of it, it appeared as if Teixeira's best shot at playing at all in the remaining 10 regular season games lies in the Yankees' final three at home against the Boston Red Sox next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.