McLouth's ball -- fair or foul?

Buck Showalter argued that Nate McLouth's ball was fair, but to no avail. Al Bello/Getty Images

Take this one with a grain of salt, because the folks in Section 209 are a bit biased, but several fans sitting out there for Game 5 on Friday night say Nate McLouth's towering fly ball down the right-field line in the sixth inning hooked foul.

McLouth hit a blast down the right-field line off CC Sabathia that curved right near the foul pole and landed in the second deck. Umpires initially ruled it a foul ball. It came awfully close to curving fair around the right-field pole, so Orioles manager Buck Showalter came out to argue the call.

After going in to review the play on video, the umpires -- led by crew chief Brian Gorman -- upheld the original call and ruled McLouth's blast foul.

Television replays were inconclusive. One replay seemed to show that the ball skimmed the pole.

But Matt Darch, a 23-year-old Yankees fan from Commack, Long Island, saw it differently. He was seated in Section 209, just behind where the ball landed, and Darch says it was a foul ball.

"It definitely curved foul," Darch said. "Definitely. Before it went by the pole, it went right."

Matt's brother, Brian, was seated next to him. "I believe it went foul," Brian said.

Question: Do you think the ball was fair or foul?