Rapid Reaction: Jeter fractures ankle

WHAT IT MEANS: Derek Jeter’s season is over. The Yankees will have to win the World Series with the combination of Jayson Nix and Eduardo Nunez at shortstop.

HOW IT HAPPENED: In the 12th inning of the Yankees’ loss to the Tigers in Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, Jeter fell awkwardly while fielding a ball and fractured his left ankle.

JETER’S REACTION: He had none, according to Yankees GM Brian Cashman. Jeter was surrounded by a host of well-wishers, including Joe Torre, his former manager. Cashman said that when doctors told Jeter his ankle was fractured, they made sure to emphasize he couldn't play anymore this season.

MANAGER'S REACTION: Joe Girardi seemed very emotional in his postgame news conference. He emphasized Jeter's toughness.

"Even when I went to the field and I was going to carry him in, and he said, 'No, don't carry me.' That is the kind of guy he is," Girardi said. "He is going to play through injuries and everything. And you can see the disappointment in his face. Everyone in this room knows who he is."

WHAT'S NEXT: A long recovery, but Jeter is expected to be ready for spring training. Could he still own another championship ring at that point? It's hard to imagine, but the Yankees are down only 1-0 in this ALCS.