Trump to A-Rod: Donate salary to charity!

Donald Trump would say "You're fired!" to Alex Rodriguez if he could.

Since The Donald doesn't have the authority to make such a call, he has a suggestion for A-Rod via Twitter.

Well, there is a "takes one to know one" line there, don't you think?

Meanwhile, Trump was unhappy with Derek Jeter, saying the captain wouldn't have gotten hurt if ... wait for it ... he hadn't sold his Trump World Tower apartment.

Yankees fans blew back at Trump with authority over the Jeter comments.

I really can't think of two famous people who are more different than Jeter and Trump.

Anyway, Trump made the A-Rod tweets after he got the blow-back from fans over Jeter. It seems like a little pandering. Trump may be jealous of A-Rod, too -- because Alex may have more money than him.

Rodriguez will end up earning more than half a billion dollars in his playing career. He has five years left and will make $114 million before bonuses.