Missing Links: Grandy, Soriano & CC

Here are a few missing links for your Saturday discussing pleasure.

1. I have tweeted about how I think Curtis Granderson seriously needs to get his eyes checked. The Daily News, citing a source, says that is going to happen.

Granderson struck out 16 times in 31 postseason at-bats. I think the Yankees should pick up Granderson's option and then trade him. I'd make Brett Gardner the center fielder, put Ichiro Suzuki in right field and sign Torii Hunter. At worst, you would get better defensively and diversify your offense.

2. We all think that Rafael Soriano is going to opt out. Scott Boras hinted as much to the New York Post. To me, this means Soriano is a goner. If that is the case, the signing turned out to be a very good one. He was arguably the MVP of the season.

3. The Yankees want to make sure that CC Sabathia is OK. Yankees GM Brian Cashman is quoted in Newsday saying that they will make Sabathia have his elbow checked out. ESPN's Buster Olney previously reported something similar.

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