ZiPs: Jeter will be a .289 hitter in 2013

Well, that is what Dan Szymborski thinks. Using his eerily accurate ZiPs projections, Szymborski has Derek Jeter finishing next year with a .289 average and .338 on-base, which would be pretty good for a guy who will turn 39 next season and is coming off a gruesome ankle injury.

Jeter's play next year will be of great interest because Jeter has a player option for $9.5 million for 2014. (This number may rise depending on how Jeter does in the MVP voting announced later this week.) But a strong season from Jeter will likely result in him opting out of his deal and not taking a substantial pay cut from $17 million. That could become a huge issue as Hal Steinbrenner's $189M-or-bust-by-2014 mandate hangs over all Yankee contracts.

QUESTION: What do you think Jeter will hit next year?