Six reasons to trade Curtis Granderson

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The biggest way for the Yankees to create payroll flexibility next season would be to trade Curtis Granderson. At the moment, Granderson, a free agent next winter, has no impact on the 2014 payroll and the $189 million threshold.

Still, if you were going to let Granderson walk after 2013, wouldn't it be better to just deal him now? Here are six reasons to trade Granderson:

1. His age. By the time Granderson begins his next contract, he will be 33 years old. If you were to extend him after next year, it would likely be for a five-year deal. Is Granderson a cornerstone player who deserves big bucks until he is 38?

2. His current value. With the $189 million mandate, Brian Cashman must utilize his assets for the short and long term to their greatest extent. Wouldn't it be better to deal Granderson this year for young players than to see him walk for just a first-rounder next year?

3. His relative value. The money you would one day spend on Granderson to stay can be spent on others. We have written about the possibility of getting Josh Hamilton. Ultimately, I think the Yankees will probably stay away from Hamilton, but trading Granderson creates the flexibility Cashman craves.

4. His defense. Granderson is not a great defender. I think there is a pretty good chance the Yankees will move Granderson to left and Brett Gardner to center -- if Granderson stays.

5. His strikeouts. He hits a lot of homers, but he strikes out too much. In 2012, Granderson hit 43 homers, but struck out 195 times -- breaking his own single-season Yankees record. Granderson finished as a .232 hitter. He looked lost at the end of the season.

6. His demeanor. Granderson is a good, hard working guy and I usually think that the more even-keel a player is, the better it serves him on the baseball diamond, especially in New York. But Granderson seemed to play a bit passion-less this past season. At the end of the year, he seemed a bit out of it.

QUESTION: Would you trade the Grandy Man?