Girardi not gaga over Lady G

Sometimes a person can say a lot by not saying anything at all.

Joe Girardi did just that when asked his opinion on the visit to the Yankees clubhouse paid by Lady Gaga Friday night following their 4-0 loss to the Mets. "I'm not gonna comment on that,'' Girardi said before Monday's Yankees-Diamondbacks game, but his demeanor made it quite obvious he was not pleased about the invasion, which according to a source took place while the game was still going on.

"I had no idea she was in there,'' said Girardi, who was conducting his post-game media session at the time of her visit. "We've had celebrities in the clubhouse, but we usually discuss it as an organization first.''

Since both the manager and GM Brian Cashman were taken by surprise to learn the pop singer had been in the clubhouse, clearly no such discussion went on. Six players were said to have been ushered into a small office to meet Gaga as the credentialed media was kept out, a violation of Major League Baseball rules. One of the players was Derek Jeter. "Did I get to meet her?,'' he said. "Sure did.'' He did not seem nearly as displeased as his manager.