Of course, they are old

With the Yankees just waiting on Kevin Youkilis' physical and Ichiro Suzuki about to become official, the idea is back out there that they are too old.

Of course, they are.

This may blow up in the Yankees’ faces, but there was no real alternative this offseason because of their dual goals of competing in 2013 and falling under $189M in 2014.

So how do you do that? Well, the only players that are accomplished and willing to take one-year deals are old or hurt guys.

Jeff Keppinger, who will be 33 at the beginning of next year, got three years, for goodness sake. So if a guy like Keppinger is receiving a multi-year deal, then Youkilis with his average in the .230s will be all that is left -- for a cool $12 million, that is.

That is why of the players the Yankees have signed this offseason -- from Mariano Rivera to Andy Pettitte to Hiroki Kuroda to now Youkilis and Ichiro -- Youkilis is the baby of the bunch. He will be 34 by the time he gets to the Bronx in '13.

Unless Brian Cashman has a trade in the works, which is very possible, this is the road the Yankees had to take.

The Yankees will try to piece it together one more season. A veteran band trying to put together one more tour.