Agent: Joba 'has zero ill will' toward Youk

With the Kevin Youkilis signing about to become official, there will be some focus on how he and Joba Chamberlain will get along.

It will go swimmingly, according to Chamberlain's agent, Jim Murray.

"Joba has zero ill will toward him," Murray said.

Murray said Chamberlain is looking forward to playing with Youkilis. To that end, Chamberlain left a voicemail on Youkilis' phone after hearing Youkilis would be joining the Yankees, the New York Post reported. Neither Murray, nor Youkilis' agent, Joe Bick, could confirm the message.

In 2007, Chamberlain, then a rookie, was suspended for two games after firing nearly 100-mph heat over Youkilis' head. In 2008, Chamberlain nearly hit Youkilis again. Youk almost charged the mound before being stopped. In 2012, Chamberlain nailed Youkils, at the time a member of the White Sox, with a pitch, but there were no further incidents.

According to Murray, the two will get along just fine.