ESPN's Top 100: Clemens tops Mantle?

ESPN's Hall of 100 -- a performance-centric look at the greatest players of all time -- has Babe Ruth No. 1 on the list, beating out Willie Mays and Barry Bonds.

No surprise there. But what about No. 7 Roger Clemens ahead of No. 9 Mickey Mantle?

You can join the debate by clicking here. Of the Top 25, nine are former or current New York players. Alex Rodriguez is 18th all-time, according to our experts, a few pegs behind Rickey Henderson at No. 14. The rest of the New York representatives in the Top 25 shake out like this:

1. Babe Ruth

2. Willie Mays

7. Roger Clemens

9. Mickey Mantle

11. Lou Gehrig

14. Rickey Henderson

18. Alex Rodriguez

21. Joe DiMaggio

23. Randy Johnson

24. Tom Seaver

What do you think? Where did we get this right or wrong?