And you think your taxes are high ...

The Yankees have paid $224,558,161 in luxury tax penalties since 2003, according Maury Brown of BizofBaseball.com. They have paid more than 90 percent of all the luxury tax money.

Since 2003, they have won one World Series or one less than the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox.

So Hal Steinbrenner probably looks at his spreadsheet and yells, "Two-hundred and twenty-four million, five hundred and fifty-eight thousand, one hundred and sixty one!"

That is a a lot of money. Money that Hal would rather keep; especially considering you can make a pretty compelling argument that spending the most doesn't mean the best chance of winning it all.

It does -- with solid management -- mean that you can make the playoffs, though, other big spenders have proven that is not a guaranteed yearly event.

The question that will be interesting to watch is how the unique baseball brand of the Yankees with stars everywhere will hold up if there aren't stars everywhere in the near future. Basically, the whole shebang is predicated on winning championship, which they have done more of than any other major American sports team.

But will -- or maybe has -- going to the Bronx become stale if there are no new stars this year, which, at the moment, appears will be the case for 2013.

QUESTION: With this data in hand, do you blame Hal for wanting to get under $189M?