Hit-deki! Matsui's bat to the Hall

Nearly a decade ago, Hideki Matsui made his debut as a Yankee, inspiring fans on two continents to focus on Yankee Stadium. In terms of popularity, Matsui was viewed as the "Michael Jordan of Japan." In terms of playing ability, the Yankees hoped he could be Paul O'Neill with more power.

In that first game at Yankee Stadium, Matsui delivered, becoming the first Yankee ever to nail a grand slam in his Bronx debut.

"I never dreamed of it," Matsui said after he took Joe Mays deep in the fifth of the Yankees' 7-3 win over the Twins. "Certainly I feel a little relief."

Now, the bat that Matsui used for that memorable moment will be in Cooperstown, according to Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson's Twitter account. Idelson even provided a picture.