Will we see A-Rod this year?

From the moment word leaked that Alex Rodriguez would need another hip surgery, you had to wonder if he would play again this season. Initially, it looked as if just prior to the All-Star break would be optimistic. Now, that doesn't even seem unlikely.

A-Rod's doctor said the second hip surgery will not occur for another two-to-four weeks, according to the New York Post. Yankees GM Brian Cashman has declined to reveal when the surgery will take place. On Tuesday, he still wouldn't say.

“We have a surgery currently scheduled,” Cashman said. “We haven’t revealed a date.”

Could A-Rod miss the entire season?

“There is always a chance,” Cashman said. “We are told he should be back. Is there a chance that things don’t go as well? There is always a chance. Until after surgery you won’t know. We have been told he will be back. There are always risks associated with surgery, regardless.”

If the surgery is four weeks from now, you are talking the beginning of February and then the clock starts on Rodriguez' rehab, meaning he won't be back until after the All-Star break, if at all.

Rodriguez will turn 38 this year. Without the use of performance enhancing drugs, players continue to decline at this age. Rodriguez's body has been falling apart for years now.

It is hard to imagine him improving after surgery and becoming an MVP candidate ever again. His power was already diminished. Now, he will try to play the game at the highest level with repaired hips and without PEDs. That is if he plays at all.

QUESTION: Do you think we will see A-Rod this year?