Report: Pettitte to join Torre in WBC

Team USA World Baseball Classic manager Joe Torre may be able to call on a familiar face during the tournament next month. Andy Pettitte will be on Torre's American team, according to CBS Sports.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman could not confirm if, in fact, Pettitte will be on the team.

"I don't even know if Andy is," Cashman said. "I haven't gotten the official list yet. I don't have the confirmation of any rosters yet. Whoever wants to play is allowed to play, obviously."

Mark Teixeira is also expected to be on the team, CBS said. Robinson Cano has indicated he will play for the Dominican team. Cano became an American citizen this offseason so technically he is eligible for the U.S. team, too. Cashman said the Yankees cannot keep players from participating in the tournament.

"No team has any say over that stuff unless the player is injured," Cashman said. "The WBC selection committee knows in advance what their eligible pool is."