Who says Jeter has no range?

For a guy recovering from a broken ankle and heading into his 39th birthday, Derek Jeter is covering plenty of ground these days.

The Yankees shortstop left training camp Tuesday night to make a promotional appearance for one of the many products he has a sponsorship deal with.

Where, you may ask?

How about Davos, Switzerland?

That's right. In the midst of rehabbing his busted left ankle, Jeter took off for a European ski resort, where, hopefully, he is not indulging in the local form of recreation.

According to Jeter's agent, Casey Close, Jeter made the trip as part of his endorsement deal with Gatorade at the World Economic Forum. According to another source, who requested anonymity, Jeter will be in Switzerland for three days before returning to Yankees camp in Tampa, where he has been rehabbing for the past week or so.

According to Yankees GM Brian Cashman, Jeter was cleared for the trip by Robert Anderson, the doctor who performed surgery on Jeter's ankle, and by the physical therapist who is supervising his rehab. "They both say he's doing great," Cashman said. "If they're OK with it, I'm OK with it."

Although Jeter has yet to run on the ankle and has only just started to hit, Cashman said Jeter is not behind in his recovery and is still expected to be ready for Opening Day. Yankees position players are not required to report to camp until Feb. 17.

If nothing else, the trip addresses the question most asked about Jeter these days: What's his range?

This week, it's the Alps.