Posada coming to spring training?

Maybe so -- but only as one of the many guest instructors who show up every spring in Tampa.

Before Thursday night's Safe At Home fundraiser at Chelsea Piers, Posada -- who was largely absent from Yankee Stadium last year, his first in retirement -- said he had spoken with owner Hal Steinbrenner and GM Brian Cashman about maybe coming to camp to work with Chris Stewart, Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine, the three main candidates vying to replace the departed Russell Martin as the Yankees' No. 1 catcher in 2013.

"I talked to Hal about a week ago, and I talked to Cashman yesterday," Posada said. "So we’ll see. We’re working on it."

Posada said he believed any one of the three could handle the everyday catching duties. "They got a lot of good young catchers," he said. "It’s time for somebody to step up in spring training, have a good spring and make the team. This is the chance you want, and I think Cervelli and Romine and Stewart, whoever, this is their chance."

Posada said he has been texting all winter with Cervelli. "He looks like he’s working really hard and looking forward to this opportunity," Posada said. "He’s praying for one thing, that he stays healthy during spring training. The last three years he’s had some really tough spring trainings so hopefully he stays healthy."

Despite the Yankees dearth of experienced catchers, Posada said he has not been tempted to follow Andy Pettitte and try a comeback. "No, I'm good," he said. "Last year around this time it was kinda weird, but this year I don't miss it as much. The more the season went along, the less I wanted to be there. Right now, I'm happy, I'm settled. I want to be around the house with my kids. I think I made the right decision."