Column: A-Rod faces fight of his life

A legendary body of work had been smashed apart by a report. A post-baseball life expected to be filled with gala receptions instead couldn't even earn him an invite to an Old Timer's Day. So an iconic player with his reputation shattered decided to fight.

Roger Clemens fought and fought, all the way to the Supreme Court. He put his freedom on the line to assert he did not use performance-enhancing drugs. Whether you believe him or not, he tried everything to prove his 4,672 strikeouts had nothing to do with PEDs.

"If you did it, you do what Andy Pettitte did," Roger Clemens' attorney, Rusty Hardin, told ESPNNewYork.com from his Houston office Wednesday. "He did absolutely the right thing. Jump out in front and admit it and accept your responsibility. If you didn't do it, nobody is going to believe you until you go to the judicial system. Roger denied until the cows came home, but no one believed him until 12 independent people heard evidence."

Alex Rodriguez has a choice: to come clean or fight to prove his innocence.

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