Pettitte: 'Heck, I want to win 20'

TAMPA, Fla. -- Andy Pettitte isn't ready to reveal anything about retirement. He expects this is his final season, but this winter the competitve fire still burned so he is going to wait to decide.

For this season, Pettitte has big goals.

"Heck, I want to win 20 games," the 41-year-old Pettitte said.

Pettitte, after making 12 starts and going 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA in his comeback season, believes his experience gives him an edge.

"I feel like I'm better now than I was at age 30," Pettitte said. "Obviously, things hurt a little bit more. It takes a little bit longer to recover. As far as being able to put the ball where I want it to go and read swings and handle things that come along during the course of the game, I don't know if I am overshooting here, but I wouldn't come back if I didn't think I could do what I've been doing. That's what I expect."

Pettitte said it may sound "corny," but he really wanted to represent the United States in the WBC.

Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi "were not so crazy about it," Pettitte said. As long as Pettitte made the final decision, an MLB spokesman said that the Yankees were not violating any rules.

Pettitte said he owed it to an organization paying him $12 million to go along with his bosses' wishes, even if he desired to represent his country.

"I've never gotten a chance to play for my country," Pettitte said. "Some people might think that it is not that big of a deal, but it was a big deal for me."