Joba and Youk: Handshake, no hugs

TAMPA, Fla. -- The summit meeting Yankee fans have been awaiting took place in the clubhouse this morning when Joba Chamberlain and Kevin Youkilis, former antagonists turned teammates, finally had a face-to-face meeting without 60 feet, six inches of space between them.

According to Chamberlain, the meeting consisted of "a handshake, a pound, and that's it, it's over with."

They stopped short of hugging, however, because as Joba pointed out, "It would have been awkward. I was changing, I didn't have my shirt on, and that might not be the best time for a man-hug. Not the first time, anyway."

They also talked facial hair -- Youkilis sheared off his shaggy goatee before reporting while Joba is in the beginning stages of what looks like a Errol Flynn-type mustache -- and both agreed that their history -- Joba threw fastballs behind Youkilis' head at least three times when Youk was a Red Sox -- was just that, ancient history.

"He’s smaller than I thought,'' Joba said. "I thought he was bigger. Because you really don’t see him that close when you’re on the field. But whatever. We're teammates now. We'll grow mustaches together and win together."