Morning Notes: Jeter, Hafner, luckiest Yank

TAMPA, Fla. -- The regulars reported to camp Sunday morning and all headed straight to the doctor for their physicals. A note posted Saturday in the clubhouse ordered them not to eat or drink anything after midnight, so as not to screw up the bloodwork. Guys floated in an out all Sunday morning with cotton balls taped to the inside of their elbows. Meanwhile, the pitchers and catchers, who have been here a week, took live BP on the main field at The Boss.

HE'S NOT CAPT. CLOCK: Derek Jeter did his annual Captain's Log news conference Sunday morning, although he showed up nearly a half-hour later than the scheduled 9:45 a.m. start time. He actually seemed happy to see everyone, but of course, that could change. Andrew Marchand will have a news story on what Jeter said and I'll be writing a column about it shortly.

HAVE GLOVE. WON'T USE IT: Travis Hafner, signed to fill the role played by Raul Ibanez last season, left-handed DH, brought a couple of first-baseman's gloves with him to training camp but has no intention of, like, actually using them, which is understandable since he hasn't played the field since 2007. Nice guy who seemingly learned a lesson from his clubhouse next-door neighbor Kevin Youkilis: Despite playing 10 seasons in Cleveland, Hafner was careful not to say "I'll always be an Indian."

LUCKIEST MAN IN CAMP: Has got to be David Adams, a 25-year-old INF without a single day of major-league service and probably no chance of making the team, who nonetheless has secured the veteran's privilege of an empty locker next to his. The reason? He's next to Alex Rodriguez, who won't be here this spring.