Tex: Everyone is counting us out

TAMPA, Fla. -- Mark Teixeira said the Yankees will have a little bit more of an edge in 2013.

"It is actually fun when everyone else counts you out because it makes guys want it a little more," Teixeira said. "I think every year we want it, but this year, especially, it is even more of a challenge. But that is going to make it more exciting as the year goes on."

Really, everyone is counting the Yankees out?

"All you hear about is the Blue Jays," Teixeira said. "That's good. They had a heckuva offseason. They have a very good team. We have five quality teams in our division."

Still, the expectation aren't small, because of the pinstripes.

"There are a lot organizations out there that can build to things," Teixeira said. "'Hey, we made the playoffs!' 'Hey, we made it to a World Series!' The Yankees don't have anything to build to. When you are the most successful organization in baseball history. You can't look at small things as success. You can only look at the World Series as the only measure of success. We all understand that here."

As for his personal goals, the notoriously slow-starting Teixeira said he thinks he might be helped by participating in the WBC in two weeks.

"I'm in great shape," Teixeira said. "I have no problem ramping up the baseball activities, making sure my swing is right and my timing is right."

What Teixeira won't be doing is trying to spray the ball to all fields to get a few ticks up on his average.

"At the beginning of last season, the home runs and RBIs were suffering because I was trying to do things with the bat that I'm really not used to doing," Teixeira said.