Morning Notes: Wednesday is Hughesday

TAMPA, Fla. -- We're settling into a regular routine now, pitchers work early with Larry Rothschild, followed by the full squad on the field around 11 a.m. for stretching, infield practice and BP. Today, we threw in a new wrinkle -- the Phil Hughes injury, which may be more serious than the Yankees first believed.

1. HUGHES' BACKACHE: An MRI revealed Hughes has a bulging disk in his mid-to-upper back, causing stiffness and restricted movement in his right (pitching) side. The Yankees are treating it with anti-inflammatories (a Medrol Dose pack of medical steroids) but GM Brian Cashman called the official diagnosis "new information" and said he expected Hughes to be out at least two weeks.

2. JOBA/YOUK?: Joba Chamberlain will throw a round of live BP today, and if I read the schedule correctly, may very well be throwing to a BP group that includes his favorite target, Kevin Youkils.

3. IS TODAY THE DAY?: The day that Derek Jeter runs the bases, that is? That is one of the few remaining hurdles standing before Jeter in his attempt to make it back for Opening Day. Sounds simple but The Captain hasn't done it yet.

4. TODAY WAS PHOTO DAY: Everybody looked real nice in their sparkly white home uniforms, something you rarely see in the clubhouse, where sweats and yeah, underclothes are the norm. Presumably, the absent Alex Rodriguez will be photoshopped into the picture.

5. YANKEES LIVE CHAT TODAY A little later because of the spring training schedule, but we'll go at 2:30. Here's the link.