Afternoon notes: Tex and Jeter

TAMPA, Fla. -- Besides swapping their left and center fielders, there wasn't a whole lot going on in camp today as the Yankees prepare for their spring opener Saturday against the Braves in Kissimmee. Here's the leftovers:

1. TEX LOVES MICKEY: Mouse, that is. It was somewhat surprising that a veteran like Mark Teixeira would have to get on a bus early Saturday morning and make the 75-minute drive to Disneyworld for the game against the Braves, but it turns out Tex made the call. "I love playing in Orlando," he said. "The year I played for the Braves (2008) was a great year. I think I've made every Orlando trip. Whenever I get a chance to go there, I do."

2. JETER LOVES GIRL SCOUTS: Cookies, that is. Today was Girl Scout Cookie day and there were boxes of them all over the clubhouse. I spied Derek Jeter, who hit on the back field and generally made himself scarce all morning, leaving The Boss with a stack of boxes under his arm, and judging the colors from a distance, it looked like he had Samoas, Tag-A-Longs and Thin Mints.

3. TGIF: Joe Girardi said he had a short day planned for Friday in preparation for the game on Saturday. (Relatively) early clubhouse (9:00 am), just a few drills and batting practice, with everyone expected to be off the field by noon. The highlight: Mariano Rivera will throw his first live BP sometime around 11 a.m.