First Pitch: Who doesn't want to be a Yankee?

TAMPA, Fla. -- As a lifelong New Yorker, I admit I'm biased, but the comments of David Price -- since walked-back, quite sensibly -- seem kind of foolish on a bunch of levels.

For one thing, it hardly seems like good business sense for a guy who is likely to be a huge free-agent in two years to eliminate any potential employers.

For another, is a beard, any beard, worth more than the price of a good razor? As most men know, money comes and goes but a beard is impossible to get rid of. It grows back every single day. If the Yankees are willing to pay you to pitch for them, you shave. You can always grow another beard.

And for a third, now that the Yankees seem inclined to throw their money around again -- see my column on the new Hal Steinbrenner from Wednesday -- there really doesn't seem to be a better place to play in all of baseball.

With the exception of Ed Whitson, Randy Johnson and perhaps Javier Vazquez, who came back for a second try, just about every player I've ever covered has had a positive experience playing for the Yankees.

It's not just the organization and the history and the amenities of the new ballpark, but it's the experience of playing and living in New York City itself, which isn't available anywhere else in the U.S., or probably, the world.

David Price seems like a good guy. Funny, intelligent, and "gets it." If you don't think so, you should follow him on Twitter (@DAVIDprice14). And I'm sure what he said the other day was just a momentary lapse, like Kevin Youkilis saying -- oh, what's the use of repeating it?

Youk, I think, is going to learn what a lot of players have learned who have become Yankees -- that it's a pretty good place to play.

After the 2015 season, David Price might get the chance to find that out, too, for no more than the price of a shave.

QUESTION: Are you willing to forgive and forget what David Price said when he becomes a free-agent?

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