Morning Notes: Hughes, Goody, squirrel

TAMPA, Fla. -- Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Here's what I mean:

1. HUGHES IN THE POOL: Phil Hughes completes his course of anti-inflammatories Saturday, and the plan is to get him into the pool at the Yankees' minor-league complex to begin his rehab from a bulging disk that caused discomfort in his mid-back after a fielding drill earlier this week. Joe Girardi said Hughes was even better Saturday than he was Friday, when he reported "significant" improvement. He is still expected to miss about two weeks in total.

2. DO NOT DRINK THE WATER: Those signs were plastered all over the clubhouse Saturday morning, due to a water crisis in Tampa that has caused the city to strongly recommend that all tap water be boiled before use for the next 48 hours. It seems a squirrel -- yes, a squirrel -- chewed through a power line and shut down a water treatment plant, causing the water to be too unsafe even to brush your teeth with -- a major inconvenience for everyone. It probably didn't work out too well for the squirrel, either.

3. NOT SO GOODY: Nick Goody, a right-handed pitcher who is a non-roster invite in camp, was on crutches in the clubhouse Saturday morning, having sprained his right ankle in a four-car accident on I4 near Orlando on Friday night. Goody, who lives in Orlando, had been on his way to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday when he found himself in the middle of the pileup, which he said sent a couple of people in other cars to the hospital.

That's it for now. Off to Disney World for Game 1 of spring training.