Injury report: Youk sore

Kevin Youkilis was scratched from today's game against the Phillies with what he described as "a little cramp" in the area of his left hip. Manager Joe Girardi, admitting he was being overly cautious, decided to whack Youkilis from the game on the bus ride home from Sarasota yesterday before he had even spoken to the player.

"I don't think it's anything serious," Girardi said, "But we’re being really cautious, you know, because you can be right now. So he won’t play today and we’ll probably re-evaluate him after a couple days."

The Yankees are officially calling it a "sore left oblique," but Youkilis, who has had oblique injuries before, laughed at the dianosis.

"I'm perfectly fine," he said. "You ever had a cramp in your side? That's what it felt like."

The Yankees have told Youkilis not to do anything for two days, and Youk, who said he could have played today, seemed bemused by Girardi's reaction.

"I think I kind of learned my lesson, too. Don’t say you're tight," a smiling Youkils said in the clubhouse. "But it's my first week here, and now I understand the terminology and what to do."