A-Rod, Posada pay tribute to Mo

Through his publicist, Alex Rodriguez has released a statement on Mariano Rivera.

"Mariano Rivera is arguably the greatest closer of all time," Rodriguez said. "But beyond that he is a class act and a great human being. It is an honor to be his teammate and his friend."

Neither A-Rod nor Mark Teixeira, who is also injured, were in attendance on Saturday. Jorge Posada also didn't make it to Rivera's press conference. The Yankees PR department sent out a release with Posada praising Rivera.

Posada's statement read: “There is only one Mariano Rivera. There won’t be another person who will come along and do what he did. No one does it like him. It was an honor to catch him and play alongside him for as long as I did. He made my job as a catcher so much easier. Mariano is a special person and obviously a special player.

“I’m so happy he is going out on his terms. Now every time he steps into a ballpark this year, teams and fans can celebrate and appreciate what he has meant to this great game we play.”