First Pitch: Round 2 for No. 2 & 42

DUNEDIN, Fla. -- In a camp that has mostly been about what is wrong with the Yankees, old reliables, No. 2 and 42, arrived on the field Saturday and sort of said, "Hold on, everything is going to be all right."

In his debut, Derek Jeter did what Derek Jeter does -- come back in style. The first pitch he saw since his ankle dislocated last October quickly went for a lined base hit into left field. It is only spring training so we can’t make too much of it, but I’m sure all Yankee fans felt a little reassured.

A little later, Mariano Rivera looked as good as ever as well, appearing in his first game since his knee injury in Kansas City last May. Three up, three down and two strike outs looking, for good measure.

On Monday, Rivera will throw a bullpen to check how he recovered from his debut on Saturday. If all goes well, he said he expects to pitch again Wednesday night in a game.

After Rivera wraps it up, Jeter is expected to be the DH on Monday afternoon. If things go smoothly, then Jeter could be at short on Wednesday night.

So Jeter and Rivera, the old reliables, are continuing back trying to soothe Yankee fans’ nerves.

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ON DECK: We will be in Tampa as Jeter and Rivera will likely be the stories of the day.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How many more years can Jeter play?