Plan for Jeter: Shortstop on Wednesday

TAMPA, Fla. --- After playing in his second game of the spring as a designated hitter, Derek Jeter expects to start at shortstop on Wednesday night against the Phillies at Steinbrenner Field.

"That's the plan," Jeter said after going 0-for-2 on Monday.

Jeter, 38, is returning from a broken left ankle sufferend in Game 1 of the ALCS in early October. Later in October, he had surgery to repair it.

Jeter said he won't know for certain if he will start Wednesday until he sees how he feels Tuesday. If he does play short, Joe Girardi thought it would be for four or five innings.

On Monday, in the first, Jeter grounded out. In the third, he hit into a double play. Jeter is now 1-for-4 in two games.

A reporter asked him if he planned on calling Chipper Jones to try to coax him out of retirement. Jeter said he was unaware of GM Brian Cashman's interest in talking to Jones.

"We'll call Mike Schmidt, too," Jeter said with a grin.

Turning serious, Jeter said that the Yankees are good with the guys they have in camp.