Olney: Prince Hal's season of truth

Buster Olney blogs on Hal Steinbrenner today:

The Yankees' shift to an austerity plan makes a lot of financial sense, because there is a lot of incentive for the Steinbrenners to get the team's payroll below $189 million for 2014.

But it's one thing to come up with a plan in the offseason in a quiet office in December, and a whole other challenge to live it hour by hour by hour through a long summer -- and this will especially be the case if the Yankees' lineup turns out to be as bad as it looks here in Florida. If the Yankees lose this year and flirt with their first sub-.500 season in more than two decades, Hal Steinbrenner is going to get blasted for the austerity plan day after day by columnists and talk show hosts. There could be rows and rows of empty seats at Yankee Stadium, and Hal would get blamed. Some of the criticism would be fair, some of it unfair, but that really wouldn't matter.

The fact is that if the Yankees struggle, the criticism would go on for weeks and months, into the winter, and this is how we'll learn something about Hal Steinbrenner, as he responds to the adversity.

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