Jeter to DH today

TAMPA, Fla. -- Derek Jeter's ankle is no longer cranky.

But his disposition is, and that's probably good news for the Yankees.

"I'm not going address how anything feels anymore," Jeter said after taking batting practice at The Boss. "It's pointless. You can all go to Lakeland now."

Jeter, however, is headed over to the Yankees minor-league complex to serve as the DH in a minor league game. He will take as many at-bats as he feels he needs, and probably will be given a pinch-runner if he reaches base. "I'll just play it by ear," Jeter said. "They didn't put a number on it."

The Yankees have yet to determine when Jeter will play shortstop again, or if he will begin the season on the disabled list.

"Some things you got to work through," Jeter said. "So it's really pointless to sit here each and every day and ask me, 'How does it feel?' Some days are good, some days are bad and you got to work through it."