Vernon Wells: Thankful and Blessed!

Vernon Wells confirmed what we all know. He is on his way to the Yankees.

Wells is known as a great guy in the clubhouse, but he hasn't been a good player since 2010 when he had an .847 OPS. At 34, it is unclear how much, if anything, he has left. His OPS the last two years has been .660 and .682.

He also doesn't have obvious splits, where it would be apparent he could excel again in a platoon situation. In 2012, his OPS was actually worse (.671) against lefties than it was against righties (.686).

So when you think about what role Wells will have, I think it is undefined. He probably will get first crack to be the everyday left fielder with Curtis Granderson out. But he is going to have to really perform to stay in the lineup. The Yankees thought they saw something in Wells this spring -- he has a 1.112 OPS in 36 at-bats -- to take the risk.

But, while he is probably better than Ben Francisco or Juan Rivera, that is not even a sure thing at this point.