Pregame Notes: Catcher, Jeter, Tex & cuts

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- And the starting catcher will be ... there will be no starting catcher.

Brian Cashman made official what we have been speculating on the blog for awhile -- the Yankees may have one catcher start the Opener, but that doesn't mean Chris Stewart or Francisco Cervelli is the starter.

"I think you are going to see a mix and match," Cashman said before Friday's game with the Washington Nationals. "Whoever [Joe Girardi] decides to anoint to start on Opening Day is not your 'everyday starter.' I think he'll just probably get in his mind that certain guys will catch certain starters and that's that."

So basically, Stewart or Cervelli will catch three of the starters with the other taking the remaining two. The guess here would be Stewart would catch CC Sabathia on Opening Day.

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Cashman said Derek Jeter (ankle) will not have any activity until Monday, at the earliest. Cashman wouldn't rule out April 6 as a return date, but we will. There is no telling when you will see Jeter in a major league game. But it won't be soon.

TEX MESSAGE: Mark Teixeira (wrist) took grounders at first and continues to take batting practice one-handed. Teixeira is headed to the doctor on Monday to see if he can remove the protective cast from his right wrist. If he is able to, then he will spend next week strengthening the wrist before picking up a bat.

"If there is any pain, I have to say something," Teixeira said. "I can't try to be a hero."

Cashman, who is in the trainer's room a lot these days because of his dislocated ankle, said he has been so impressed with how hard Teixeira is working to keep the rest of his body in shape.

Teixeira is aiming for a May 1 return.

CUTS: The Yankees are expected to trim their roster after this game.