Game 74: Yankees @ Dodgers

Post-Mortem: Oh, the agony of being a Yankee fan! What to do about AJ? What to do about Park? What to get Jeter for his birthday? Burnett is terrible for the fifth straight time, Park is terrible for the who knows how manyeth time, Yankees get blown out, 9-4, but guess what? They're still 18 games over. 500, have the best record in baseball and are two games ahead of the rest of the AL East. You should have such problems. Down to the clubhouse we go. Stick around

10:57: Tex pops out. twoout. Here comes everyone's favorite third baseman

10:56: Pena strikes out on a slider, One out

10:53: Ramiro Pena hitting for the pitcher leading off the ninth vs. Broxton

10:51: Dodgers down in the eighth and Yanks coming up to finish this mess off

10:42: David Robertson on to pitch the eighth for Yanks

10:39: Broxton Ks Jeter on three pitches and Yanks are down in the eighth

10:34: That's all for Sherrill. With two out in the eighth, Torre goes to his closer, Jonathan Broxton

10:32: Chad Huffman hitting for Curtis, flies out to left. Two out

10:29: Gardner walks and the Yankees have two on, one out, Torre pulls Jeff Weaver, replaces him with LHP Geo. Sherrill

10:23: With Jeff Weaver pitching, Swisher leads off the eighth with a double into the RF corner

10:16: Dodgers are hitting lasers off Park now, Kemp's liner goes past a sprawling Curtis in left, Furcal scores, 9-4 in the seventh

10:14: Furcal singles home Martin with LA's eighth run, goes all the way to third when Swisher's throw goes through Cervelli and Park

10:12: Martin singles leading off the seventh, is bunted to second and now, ancient Garrett Anderson is hitting for Kuo

10:05: A-Rod goes down looking and the place goes nuts. always a crowd-pleaser

9:59: Park survives the sixth without surrendering a moon shot and we go to the seventh

9:55: Park walks Manny with one out

9:51: Former Dodger Chan Ho Park, in game to pitch the sixth, gets the same kind of welcome he is likely to get back at Yankee Stadium. Boos.

9:49: Posada hacks at the first pitch, flies out to right, Yankees waste two runners with one out

9:48: Kuo strikes out Jeter and Posada is coming out to hit for Granderson

9:44: LHP Hong-Chih Kuo now pitching

9:42: Curtis walks and that's all for Kuroda, who lasted into the sixth after looking like he wouldn't get out of the first inning

9:39: Gardner with a one-out single in the sixth and Colin Curtis PH for Logan

9:33: Boone Logan pitches the Yankees first 1-2-3 inning of the day. All together now: Why didn't he start?

9:26: Swisher bounces out to first and yankees strand two. 7-4 Dodgers halfway through

9:20: Cano singles to left and the Yanks have two on, two out for Swisher

9:18: A-Rod collects a two-out single in the fifth

9:12: Close the books on Burnett: 3IP, 6H, 6ER, 6BB, 5K, 79 pitches, ERA up to 5.25 for the year

9:09: Yankees are going to walk Russell Martin to load the bases and pitch to Dewitt. Eighth walk by Yankee pitchers today

9:08: Blake doubles down the RF line and it's 7-4 Dodgers.

9:03: Loney singles in a run but Swisher guns down Kemp at the plate, 6-4 Dodgers, Blake up with two out, two on

9:00: Manny walks and the bases are crawling with Dodgers

8:57: Logan gets Ethier to fly to right. One out, Manny coming up

8:53: Kemp walks and that's going to be it for AJ; Boone Logan coming in

8:51: Furcal steals second with Kemp batting

8:50: Rafael Furcal leds off the fourth in an infield hit

8:45: Jeter whiffs and the Yankees fail to score

8:43: Burnett sacs Gardner to second; Jeter up with second and third, two out

8:41: Yanks have first and third, one out after infield hit by Gardner; Burnett hitting

8:37: Swisher strikes out leading off the fourth, but gets to first when pitch gets past Martin and rolls to backstop

8:33: AJ's third inning: Three runs, four walks, two hits, a wild pitch, 35 pitches thrown

8:32: AJ Ks Kuroda, but the damage is done

8:30: Yanks walk DeWitt to load the bases for the pitcher

8:29: Jeter turns a DP on Martin but Manny scores, giving LA a 5-4 lead

8:26: AJ walks Blake and the bases are loaded again

8:24: AJ really responds well to those pep talks, doesn;t he?

8:23: Loney singles hard to right and we got a tie game, 4-4.

8:22: This time it's Harkey out to deliver the pep talk

8:21: AJ walks Manny and it's bases loaded for Loney

8:20: Burnett wild pitches runners to second and third, looks like he many have crossed up Cervelli

8:19: Ethier singles and now LA has two on, none out for Manny

8:16: Burnett starts the home third by walking Kemp

8:09: A-Rod hits perfect DP ball back to Kuroda, but 2b DeWitt's throw sails six feet wide of first base, allowing Jeter to score Yanks' 4th run

8:06: Tex's grounder forces Grandy at second, but he hustles to beat out DP relay

8:05: Granderson singles to center and this is looking a lot like the first inning again, with Teixeira coming up

8:02: Jeter singles leading off the third

7:58: Burnett strikes out Furcal on a nasty curve, that four Ks in two innings

7:56: Kuroda bunts Dewitt to second

7:55: After striking out Martin with a blazer at the knees, Burnett walks Blake Dewitt on four pitches

7:48: Kuroda throws a 1-2-3 second

7:40: Burnett fans Casey Blake to end the inning. 3-2 Yankees after one

7:39: Dodgers just avoid a Manny Moment when Cervelli's snap throw from his knees just misses picking off Ramirez at second

7:37: Loney's sac fly to left cuts the lead to 3-2

7:36: Girardi bypasses interim pitching coach Mike Harkey and goes out to advise Burnett on his own.

7:35: Yankees get a break when Manny's liner into RF corner bounces into the stands, forcing Ethier to hold at third. Yanks lead cut to 3-1.

7:33: After striking out Kemp, Burnett allows single to Ethier, runners at the corners for Manny with one out

7:27: Rafael Furcal singles leading off against Burnett

7:20: Teixeira crushes a 1-0 pitch into the RF seats, Yankees take a 3-0 lead, still none out in the first

7:18: Granderson walks, first and third for Teixeira

7:17: Jeter steals second and goes on to third when Russell Martin;s throw goes into CF

7:14: Jeter gets a leadoff walk for his birthday

7:12: Hiroki Kuroda's first pitch is a strike to Jeter

Pre-game chatter: No, Joe Torre and Alex Rodriguez did not show up on the Dodger Stadium Kiss Cam, nor on the same part of the field during batting practice. For the second straight day, the ex-Yankee manager and his estranged former third baseman managed not to have any contact, although both have said they will get around to it at some point before the Yankees leave here Sunday night . . . The Yankees spent much of the pre-stretch period sprawled on the clubhouse couches cheering on the U.S. soccer team in its match against Ghana. Meanwhile, Nick Swisher regaled a couple of NY beat writers with tales of his own soccer exploits as a kid in Columbus, Ohio. "I broke three kids' legs when I was in sixth grade,'' Swisher said. "I was a terror.'' Swisher said he gave the game up in eighth grade "when my friends started calling me a (sissy). So I joined the football team instead. Man, peer pressure's a (killer).'' . . . Joe Girardi said both of his injured right-handed relievers, Alfredo Aceves (lower back strain) and Sergio Mitre (strained oblique) would throw off a mound on Monday and hopefully begin rehab assignments sometime next week . . . Marcus Thames, on the DL since June 13 with a strained right hamstring, was supposed to test it by running the bases today . . . Dodgers first baseman James Loney, who struck out looking against Mariano Rivera to end Friday night's 2-1 Yankees win, was ejected by home plate umpire Phil Cuzzi after the game was over for slamming down his bat and helmet in frustration. "My daughter asked me how you get thrown out of the game after it's over,'' Torre said. "I really didn't have an answer for her.'' . . .Torre had a busy morning, attending a memorial service in LA for former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden before coming to the ballpark, where besides entertaining a large contingent of media from New York, granted audiences to actresses Penny Marshall and Lorraine Bracco on the field during batting practice.

Here are the lineups for tonight's game at Dodger Stadium, first pitch at 7:10 p.m. Eastern time:


Jeter SS

Granderson CF

Teixeira 1B

Rodriguez 3B

Cano 2B

Swisher RF

Cervelli C

Gardner LF

Burnett RHP


Furcal SS

Kemp CF

Ethier RF

Ramirez LF

Loney 1B

Blake 3B

Martin C

DeWitt 2B

Kuroda RHP

Girardi said Jorge Posada, who fouled a ball off his recently-healed right foot last in Friday's game, was fine and that he had planned to give the 38-year-old catcher one game off this weekend anyway.