First Pitch: Denny Green and the Yankees

The Yankees' Opening Day performance brought to mind the famous Dennis Green rant.

"The [Yankees] are what we thought they were," you can imagine Green saying. "They're what we thought they were."

The Yankees just didn't have enough good hitters on Opening Day. They needed great pitching to pick up a win and, when they didn't get it, the lead felt insurmountable right away.

There are no must-win games in April. There really aren't any until September. But there is a bad vibe that could be created by a poor start. The Yankees have two more here with the Red Sox before going to the midwest to face the Tigers and the Indians prior to 13 of their next 16 against the Orioles, Blue Jays and Rays.

They won't be buried, no matter what happens, but the Bronx will become restless. There is already a sense of unrest among the fan base, disappointed by the offseason and the roster they watch each day. These days, there is just a negative feeling around the Yankees, which was highlighted by the nearly completely empty Stadium by the end of the opener.

So Hiroki Kuroda vs. Clay Buchholz is not a must-win for the Yankees. But if Kuroda could give the Yankees eight and Mariano Rivera could pick up his first save since last April, there could be a new feeling around the Yankees -- and it won't feel like the Yankee are "what we thought they were."

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ON DECK: I will be flying solo from the Bronx for Yankees-Red Sox. Look for the lineup around 3:30 or so. I'm sure I will speak with Cano about his big decision.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Besides the time of the first game, does this feel like a Yankees-Red Sox series?