Granderson: Jeter 'relieved'

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Information on Derek Jeter's state of mind since learning he had suffered another fracture in his left ankle has been nearly impossible to obtain from official Yankees media sources.

But a glimpse into the Captain's mood was provided today by an eyewitness -- Curtis Granderson, who has been rehabbing his broken arm at the Yankees' developmental complex in Tampa, where Jeter has been rehabbing his ankle.

“I think he was definitely frustrated," Granderson said. "He was like, 'Why is there something going on? Everything says it’s OK. We’re trying this, that and the other and I’m going out trying to push forward and I can’t.' So it’s a relief for him to know finally what it is. Obviously it’s still mentally discouraging, but at least now we know."

Asked if Jeter was "shocked" to learn that he had, in fact, re-broke the ankle that had been declared "100 percent healed'' earlier in the spring, Granderson said, "I’m not sure what the word to describe what it was, just that there was something. He didn't know if it were a break, if it were a tendon, if it was swelling, if it was irritation -- whatever it was, he just wanted to know. And he finally found out. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was shocking, though.”