First Pitch: Do you believe in coincidences?

Robinson Cano's spokeswoman could have gone to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig or maybe picked Paleo for her diet of choice.

But Sonia Cruz said she chose to meet with a nurse from the infamous Biogenesis Clinc to discuss a "diet program they have for women."

Cano said whom Cruz seeks for nutritional advice "has nothing to do with me."

If it is merely a coincidence, it is a rather unfortunate one for No. 24.

Before going any further, let's state this unequivocally: We don't know if Cano has done steroids or not. He has never failed a test. Though he has been confronted by rumors, he has denied everything.

On a baseball level, the Yankees can't afford to lose Cano for 50 games and, at this point, a suspension seems extremely unlikely.

On a financial level, with a humongous contract on the horizon, Cano's timing would be awful if it unfolded that he used PEDs.

From a fan's view, Cano is an amazing baseball player and who wants to see his accomplishments sullied?

The whole steroid argument has so many nuanced angles. One angle I think is important in this case was presented by Mike Vaccaro of the Post when discussing why he voted for Jeff Bagwell for the Hall of Fame in 2012 and why he planned on putting a check next to Mike Piazza in 2013, which he did.

Here’s the thing though -- absent evidence, or in Bagwell’s case, any kind of credible accusation, I am more inclined to sum up my voting tendency this way: Based on available knowledge, I would rather be wrong and let someone in who cheated than be wrong and deny someone entrance who didn’t cheat. Again, that’s just me. And it was important for me to get that down a year before a very similar case will have to be reviewed in Mike Piazza. If I am going to vote for Piazza -- and unless anything changes in the next year, I am -- I feel compelled to do the same for Bagwell.

There is yet to be evidence that credibly and positively links Cano to being a PED user.

It just doesn't look good that Cano's best friend, Melky Cabrera, one of his mentors, Alex Rodriguez, another teammate and training partner, Francisco Cervelli and now his spokeswoman have all been linked to Biogenesis.

Still, that is far from making him guilty.

Perhaps Cano's spokeswoman for his charity is just doing the opposite of her mission statement. Instead of improving Cano's image, she is hurting it. Perhaps she just wanted to look better in a swimsuit and heard good things about Biogenesis.

Whatever the truth is, the Yankees -- especially after their A-Rod experience -- are going to have to contemplate coincidences. You have to wonder if this will impact the upcoming mega-contract negotiations.

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