First Pitch: Tex is not close

With his rehab progressing swimmingly, Mark Teixeira graduated from swinging in water to what baseball people like to call "dry swings." That was two weeks ago today.

Teixeira is in dry swing purgatory at the moment. His next stage in his recovery is hitting off a tee and then soft toss. Neither the Yankees nor Teixeira have said when that will happen.

What they can say is that Teixeira is not close to coming back. May 1 had been the most optimistic goal for Teixeira to return. Today is May 1 and No. 25 isn't coming through the clubhouse door to play in a game. Even he is warning that his wrist is going to take some more time.

There is a real chance that Teixeira might not return until June 1, if then. My best guess is that Teixeira returns in June.

That would leave the Yankees' first base job in the hands of Lyle Overbay. Overbay has been fine so far. His glove is nearly as good as Teixeira's and, even though his average is .241, he is not that much worse than the modern day Teixeira, who batted .251 in 2012.

On Tuesday, Overbay hit his fourth homer of the season. It took the always slow-starting Teixeira until May 4 of 2012 to reach four home runs.

This is not to suggest Overbay is Teixeira, even if Overbay has held down the position for the first month.

Overbay, 36, has kicked around the majors the last couple of years and is only a Yankee because the Red Sox kicked him to the curb during the spring. The more he plays and Teixeira doesn't, the more the chances are Overbay becomes exposed.

So far, Overbay has been nearly as good or maybe even better than what the Yankees usually receive from Teixeira in April. But can it last?

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ON DECK: I will be out at the stadium. Clubhouse opens at 3:20 p.m. It will be Erik Bedard (0-2, 7.98) vs. David Phelps (1-1, 5.29). The Yankees are off on Thursday before the Oakland A's come to town over the weekend.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Can the Yankees survive with Overbay for another month?