Beane loves Cashman's 'moneyball'

Billy Beane, the man who has possibly received more credit than any GM ever, looks across the country and doesn't think that his good buddy Brian Cashman receives enough of it.

Yes, the Yankees have a payroll that more than doubles Oakland's, but the money also strips Cashman of any excuses.

"There are a lot of teams that have a lot of money but they don't always win," Beane told ESPNNewYork.com. "Nobody, during my tenure, has won more than Cash."

While Beane has earned his credit, building some incredible major league teams on minor league budgets, Cashman has won four rings and picked a club good enough to go to the playoffs every season except for 2008. And he has done it with the most money in baseball.

"I think he sort of gets penalized many times, in a sense, because of the payroll people take for granted all the success he has accomplished," said Beane, who has watched his teams win just one playoff series. "It is not that easy. I always kid him. It is a shame that he hasn't been the executive of the year. Many times he probably deserves it."

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