Granderson in left makes sense

So the Yankees now are thinking about putting Curtis Granderson in a corner outfield spot and keeping Brett Gardner in center.

"We might toy around with some other things," Joe Girardi said Sunday.

About a month ago, I said the Yankees should move Granderson to left field for one simple reason: It will make them better.

The more you watch Gardner in center and the less the Yankees score, it makes you think that maybe they should go forward with the experiment anyway. Moving Granderson to left isn't like switching Todd Hundley from catcher to the outfield. The ball can line off the bat and spin differently, but, in the end, it is still basically the same. Granderson has played left -- albeit minimally -- in the majors before.

The Yankees know they don't have that much room for error this season, which is why I think they should gamble a little. If they are going to be the beast of the AL East, they are going to have to make some of their own luck and take some chances. The conservative move is to keep Granderson in center when he returns early next month and switch Gardner back to left. I don't think the Yankees have the luxury of being conservative.

That same day, April 9, I spoke with GM Brian Cashman and he said that he didn't think they would make the switch. As I noted then, he didn't give a flat-out no, purposely giving himself some wiggle room. The Yankees had to discuss it, because it makes them a better club. Now, they have.

When Granderson returns to the majors in left, if he is struggling -- and he won't -- you could always switch him back to center. So it is not like there isn't a safety net to the move anyway.