A-Rod right on schedule, maybe ahead?

Alex Rodriguez has arrived in Tampa for the baseball-activity portion of his hip rehab. On Monday, he took part in a light workout at the Yankees' minor league facility, MLB.com's Adam Berry tweeted.

By way of comparison, Mark Teixeira (wrist) has advanced to the tee-and-toss stage of his rehab and could be back by the end of the month or early June. So it seems conceivable that Rodriguez could beat the after-the-All-Star-break projection the Yankees have announced. If the hip is good enough for him to do baseball activities, it would seem plausible for Rodriguez to take six weeks -- basically a full spring training -- and then be ready to play in the bigs again by the middle or end of June.

That assumes there will be no setbacks in Rodriguez's rehab. The Yankees also may want to be very conservative with A-Rod, so it may be easier to wait until after the break, which is a little more than 10 weeks away.

Rodriguez will turn 38 in July, and he is unwanted by many in the Yankees universe, including some in the organization. But forgetting all the money the team owes him, there is one fact that could prove to be true -- he may still be better than Kevin Youkilis or anyone else the Yankees could put at third.

While A-Rod is not the player he once was, his OPS (.783) was the third-best among AL third basemen in 2012. Plus, he sounds motivated after how the 2012 postseason ended; remember, he was benched and pinch-hit for in the ALCS.

A-Rod also said he has "unfinished business," but no one knows exactly how he looked because his workouts are being kept private.

QUESTION: If A-Rod can help, do you still want him to be a Yankee?