Yanks changed their minds on Grandy

The Yankees had decided to keep Curtis Granderson in center field after he was hurt during the first game of the spring. In April, when we asked if the Yankees would change their minds, Brian Cashman said he didn't think so, but didn't totally close the door on the possibility.

Now, Granderson is not only playing in center and left, but right, too. At one point, the Yankees didn't want to take Granderson out of his comfort zone at center and now they are trying him at all three outfield positions during his rehab from a broken forearm?

"We just changed our minds," Cashman said on Friday. "Basically, I talked with [Joe] Girardi before and he said, 'We have to leave him there.' I said, 'OK.' Then [during the season] Girardi said, 'Hey, with [Brett Gardner] looking so good in center, we should look at making [Granderson] play left and right and see what that looks like.' I said, 'OK.' Simple."

Granderson played right at Triple-A on Thursday. On Friday, he is supposed to be in left.

"We are just trying to see what type of flexibility we have," Cashman said.

To me, it seems like a good bet Granderson will be on one of the corners when he and Gardner are in the same lineup. We agree wholeheartedly with the move.

PINEDA GETTING CLOSER: Cashman said that once Michael Pineda gets to 65-70 pitches in back-to-back outings, then the Yankees will put him on a rehab assignment. So if all continues to go as planned, Pineda could be with the Yankees sometime in June.

TRIPLE-A UPGRADE: Cashman said he acquired utilityman Alberto Gonzalez from the Cubs, because he thought he was an upgrade over Gil Velazquez. Gonzalez is not on the 40-man and will be at Triple-A Scranton.